Clear Creek Baptist Association
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Officers and Staff of the Association

Executive Director Tony Auxier
Executive Assistant Shelly Pender
Moderator Clint Nale
Assistant Moderator Michael Cole
Clerk Shelly Pender
Assistant Clerk Suzanne Dillow
Treasurer Nancy Ralls
Assistant Treasurer Dale Miller
Hospitalilty Helen Head
Trustee LaRue Parr
Trustee Don Laster
Trustee Bob Richardson
Acts 1:8 Partnerships:  
Local  (Functioning offices: Pastoral; Music; Youth; VBS;
SS/Small Groups/Discipleship; Seminary Extension)
Terry Kern
Illinois  Jerry Cruse
North America (Functioning offices: Prayer; Disaster Relief;
Men's & Women's Missions; Church Planting)
Carl Dillow
International Tom Gray
Seminary Extension Director Tony Auxier